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Go Green Solutions is a green consulting company, for eco-friendly, energy efficient and natural products and services.

Go Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd. focus is to provide top quality products at great prices. Go Green Solutions is a company who is taking innovative products and bringing them to the public for distribution while also offering consulting and installation.

Go Green Solutions only offers the best green products in the industry and helping business owners to implement a green lifestyle.

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Sanitizer Tunnel For Corona Virus Protection

Innovative Biosciences introducing Sanitizer Tunnel. We are associate of Go Green Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

The Sanitizer Tunnel works as we approach the tunnel, the lights will glow on and the misting system will start automatically, by the time you pass through the tunnel, you get sanitised.

Sanitizer Tunnel by Innovative Biosciences Nagpur
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Go Green provides a environmentally benign sewage treatment based on natural method. WT based on ridbed-remediation technology. A technology using constructed wetland systems.

Bio Toilets

An eco-friendly, maintenance-free, cost-efficient bio-degradation technology for human waste disposal. The effluent is odorless and gets rid-off most of the pathogens.

Mobile Bio Toilets

Mobile Bio Toilets are portable and easy to move at different locations which are most convenient for construction site, market places, events, highways etc.