Go Green provides a environmentally benign sewage treatment based on natural method. WT based on ridbed-remediation technology. A technology using constructed wetland systems.

Primary Settling Cell (PSC) for the purpose of anaerobic pretreatment of suspended solids.

Secondary Advanced Filter Cell (SAFC), that supports a permutation of different sizes of stones and gravel wherein anaerobic digestion occurs.

Tertiary Biological Wetland Cell (TBWC) made up of different layers of life supporting media such as those used in SAFC and planted with aquatic flora such as Typha, Scirpus, Cyperus, Peltandra and Phragmites.

Ridbed combines Physical, Biological and Chemical processes.


  • Municipal waste water treatment
  • Petroleum refinery waste,
  • Compost and landfill leachates,
  • Fishpond discharges
  • Pretreated industrial waste water, such as those from paper and pulp mills, textile mills and seafood processing.


  • Works on gravity
  • No electric power requirement
  • Scalable technology
  • Easy to maintain
  • Adds to aesthetics
  • Cost effective
  • Most importantly Phytorid can earn you green points on IGBC system for onsite treatment and reuse of water.