Go Green 10 Seater Mobile Toilets
Go Green 10 Seater Mobile Toilets
Go Green 10 Seater Mobile Toilets


Size 5.68m length x 2.74m width x 3.15m height from ground level
Base Frameshall be fabricated from M.S. Angle of size of size 150mm X 75 mm, 75 mm X 40 mm  and  100 mm X 50 mm.
Cabin Structureshall be fabricated by using M.S Angle of size 40X40X6mm
Cabin Panelshall be covered with G.R.P Coated asbestos sheet approx 9mm thickness
Roof StructureShall be Fabricated by using M.S Angle of size 40X40X6mm and M.S.Tee of size

40 X 40 X 5 mm having round shape and projection and covered with transparent fibre glass sheet.

Folding Type PlatformShall be fabricated by using M.S. angle of size 40X40X6mm and M.S.flat  of size 25X5mm with aluminum checker plate. Side railing shall be provided by using special size of hinges pin & bush etc.M.S. Box pipe 2inchX1inch and m.s.angle of size 40X40X5mm
FlooringFloor panel integrated with squatting pan, footrest and skirting will be FRP modeled.
Washbasin2 No. S.S/FRP Washbasin, two looking mirror, two towel rod provided on rear side
Bio-Digester:NGAD bio digester of  FRP modeled approx 2800  & 1700 Itrs.  capacity  with   adequate bio-cord assembly , bio-culture and EKOGEA Bio additives with disposal arrangement.
Phyto Bed : One Phytobed of size : (L X W X H) 93 inch X 45 inch x 18 inch with suitable   biomedia, bioculture and Phyto plants.
Water Tank::1 No. Watertank  of capacity 500 ltrs.
Electric Fitting:one point in each toilet cabin with controlling of M.C.B. on each side ladies/gents.
G.I. Fittings :Every toilet cabin with water connection of 15mm dia G.I. pipe and other fitting.
Connection:connection of each toilet with 110 mm dia PVC pipe of ISI mark with P- trap and  other fitting and one connection of waste gap pipe.
Trailer Specification :Chassis Four Wheeled chassis with Heavy duty turn Table made, Pay  Load 6 Tones. Tyro No. : 2 front & 2 rear.


Minor Dimensions/ Specification may be changed subject to availability of material.