Bio Digester
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Bio Toilets

Go Green Solutions with support of technology developed and approved by DRDO – Ministry of Defence offers an innovative technology of Bio-Toilets for disposal of human waste in eco friendly manner. These Bio toilets can function at any atmospheric temp between -55 to 60 degree C. The bacterial consortium degrades night soil at temp as low as -55 degree C and produces colourless, odourless and inflammable bio gas containing 50 – 70% methane.

The main constituents of Bio Toilet are Pre fabricated above the ground shelter and Bio Digester tank. Bio digester tank is a cylindrical structure with the provision of inlet for human waste and out let for Bio gas. Temp in the bio – digester is maintained between 5-30 degree C. A person can use the bio-toilet which is connected to the bio-digester. Night soil degradation occurs through microbial reaction which converts it into bio gas. The smell of night soil, the disease causing organisms in the night soil and the solid matter are eliminated totally. On dry weight basis 90% of the solid waste is reduced. The gaseous effluent (bio-gas) is continuously let off to the atmosphere. Bio Gas can be used for various energy incentive activities like cooking water and room heating. Liquid effluent can be drained to any surface or soak pit with out any environmental hazards.


  • Water, Energy
  • Space, Environment
  • Money, Time, Promotes Hygine
  • And Ensures Good Health

Stationary Bio Toilet (ST-Series)

  • Non Temp. Controlled – For plane areas - Standard ready made options available in 4 Pan , 2 Pan and single pan
  • Temp. Controlled – Solar Powered, For Hilly and cold regions - Standard readymade options available in 4 pan , 2 pan , 1 pan

Independently Mounted Mobile Bio-Toilets
(IMMT- Series)

  • For Rail Coaches
  • For Buses
  • For Ships and Boats


Human waste disposal in high altitude and low temp areas, Moving Railway coaches, Buses, Big Cities, Mines, remote areas, Beaches, Rural areas, long distance buses is a burning problem.

The problem has further aggravated in glaciers where ambient temperature drops to -40 degree C and lower. The low temp stops/ delays the natural bio-degradation of the waste leading to its preservation (accumulation) for long time resulting in environmental hazard. Local heating by direct sunlight exposes the waste buried in the ice causing nuisance and foul smell. The melting ice takes the waste to rivers disturbing the aquatic eco system. More over human waste is also responsible for spreading of water born diseases like typhoid, cholera, Shigellosis, Amebic Dysenteries, Diarrhea etc.

This technology is suitable for any area/ application in India. The process under this technology culminates in to treated effluent which is free from Pathogens and is also environmentally acceptable. The technology has major two components:

  • a- Low temp active inoculums
  • b- Temp controlled Bio digester

A consortium of anaerobic bacteria has been formulated and adopted to work at temp as low as 5 degree C. This is the component which acts as inoculums (seed material) to the bio digester and converts the organic waste into methane and carbon-dioxide. The anaerobic process in- activates the pathogens responsible for water born diseases. Bio digester serves as reaction vessel for bio methanation and provides the anaerobic conditions and required temp for the bacteria. The optimum temp is maintained by microbial heat, insulation of the reactor and solar heating.


  • Suitable for sub zero temperature of Himalayan Region, Glaciers, Railway coaches, Buses, Highways, Remote areas, sea ports, Mining area, metro cities etc.
  • Suitable for Mobile Toilet applications
  • 00% maintenance free, continuous biological process.
  • Complete elimination of pathogens.
  • Economically viable.
  • No dependence on the limited and costly conventional energy sources.
  • Can be installed and made operational in 12 hours only.
  • Inoculums charging is only once during the entire life of Bio Toilet.
  • No need of connectivity to the sewage line, septic tank. No disposal of sludge is required.
  • Routine cleaning chemicals like phenyl, soap, Kerosene etc. do not harm Bio Toilet or the inoculums.

  • Disposes human waste in a 100 % ECO friendly manner.
  • Generates color less, odor less inflammable bio gas (can be used for cooking heating) and absolutely clear odor less water. Water is full of nutrients and minerals and is good for irrigation purpose of near by gardens, lawns etc.
  • Does not require any septic Tank, Sewage Tank connectivity.

Trailer Mounted Mobile Toilet Clusters(TMMTC–Series)

Cluster of Toilet cabins( form 4- 16 cabins ) as per the requirement of customer is mounted on Tractor trailer / jeep trailer/ Truck . The trailer can be taken to the place where ever required